June 4, Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

In the Hands of Mary

            anselm trevesThe Servant of God Fr. Anselmo Trèves O.M.I.(Aosta 1875 – Rome 1934) chose “Marianize to Christianize” as the motto for his life and his Oblate mission. That is to say, to procure the reign of Christ by procuring the reign of Mary. From one of his writings:

To make oneself simple and small in the arms of Mary, next to her mother’s heart, that is definitely our entire program and all our ideal. How wonderful, but according to me also how difficult! You have to completely forget yourself, be detached from everything, renounce every personal point of view in order to let yourself be guided only by the Spirit of Mary, by the hand of Mary, and to get lost in that divine crucible. To rise so far above ourselves and see everything through the eyes of Mary, we need to love and see everything with the heart and the will of Mary; our wing beats will be the Ave, that we will multiply as much as possible. (September 24, 1927)

DSC_6128To the Most Holy Mary, who humanized God, the task of deifying man. Her mission is therefore to sculpt the soul that abandons itself to her, because it is the live representation of her Son God. It will therefore take many strokes of the chisel and hammer before making us speaking and vivid images of her Jesus! But if we will let her do it, her job will soon be done! Therefore, absolute abandonment and at every moment, at every opportunity: blind surrender! It’s not easy; how many times I have prayed to Our Lady not to strike continually nor too hard!

Ah! If I had instead accepted her cruel but maternally sanctifying action! At least let it be so from now on, and letting the hands of Mary blindfold us, throw ourselves into her arms with the trust of the child who knows who it trusts and falls asleep in its mother’s arms (November 13, 1926). (In A. Rossetti, Una vita con la Madonna. P. Anselmo Trèves O.M.I., Milano, Ancora 19643, p. 160)

A.M. Trèves, Maria Ideale di vita, Texts selected and presented by A. Mitri, Città Nuova, Roma 1984; L. Cencio, La catechesi mariana di Anselmo Trèves O.M.I. (1875-1934), Roma 1994.

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