December 27: Tempier Arrives in Aix

Tempier Arrives in Aix

            True to his promise, Father Tempier left Arles the day after the Solemnity of Christmas, December 26, 1815, and arrived at Aix on the 27th, the feast of St. John the Evangelist. Father de Mazenod was waiting for the arrival of the stagecoach. After the first effusions of the holiest friendship, the most cordial that ever was, and that was to last fifty years without any distortion, they went together to meet the Vicars General and Tempier said, “Thanks to the precautions taken, the esteem for the person of our revered father, and, above all, thanks to the goodness of God, who had merciful plans for me, the welcome of the Vicars General was good; not a word of blame about my departure from Arles was spoken; we could not have been more pleased or happier.”

“From that day, until January 25, I only went to my parents for my rest at night; during the day, I was at M. de Mazenod’s, and we happily discussed everything we intended to do for the glory of God and the salvation of souls; we said all our Office and did our spiritual exercises together, as often as we could, as Mr. de Mazenod was often disturbed by his congregants.” (Rambert I, p. 174)


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