December 31: Our Heart Like Bethlehem

Our Heart Like Bethlehem

            At Holy Communion time, we can imagine our heart has become like another stable in Bethlehem where Jesus was born. Let us worship him with sentiments of the most lively faith and the most ardent charity. Love him, love him with Mary, with St Joseph, the angels, the shepherds and the Magi, and give free rein to all the emotions that cannot fail to fill our soul. (Boisramé, Méditations …, II, p. 318)

            The feast of Christmas reminds us of the Incarnation of Christ and our own incarnation among the people, especially among the poor. But if Jesus was just a man, there would be no difference, or very little. Everything changes because Christ is God who became man to make us gods. Our presence, our mission itself, can change the world if we are holy, if we live according to the divine dimension. (M. Zago, “Acta Administrationis Generalis”, XII, 33)


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